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The nose knows.

A Novel (Studios) x Material candle collaboration.

Sure, we crave the smell of dinner by default, but we also know that enriching moments at home extend beyond the beginning or end of a meal. Scent is a powerful thing: It can take you away. It can bring you back. It can clear out the lingering whiffs of a whole roasted branzino.

Our first-ever collaboration features the beautiful work of David Cazso, founder of Novel (Studios). It’s a palmarosa and cedar-infused soy wax candle, hand-poured onto a unique concrete base. We love the way it celebrates imperfection, the way it encourages small rituals at home, and the way it becomes something entirely new once burned (hello, multi-purpose). We’ve been lighting one in our office for the past month, and the scent is intoxicating and still somehow incredibly delicate.

Ahead of the collaboration launch, we caught up with David over the phone. He is soft-spoken, and his warm laugh has a way of turning larger-than-life philosophies into snackable chatter.

On the candle:

“I love the idea of scent memory. Changing the atmosphere in your place, for even five or ten minutes can help you think outside the box and enjoy something small. This candle was the perfect way for me to design something I knew people could use and enjoy. Something that can improve their quality of life, even if just for a few minutes.”

On the concrete:

“To me this piece is really a sculpture you can burn. It’s inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, and each one is handmade so you’ll never find two that are the same. It’s like a metaphor for life, you know? We’re all unique and imperfect, and the concrete was a way for me to embrace that beauty.”

On Material:

“I love working with companies that are doing something new. I’ve never collaborated with a company in the home or food world, and Material’s design aesthetic and attention to quality combines so many elements that I use to inspire my own work.”

On food:

“I grew up in a culture centered around family, so group dinners have always been a big part of my life. Many of my friends are international, so we try to cook family dinner in NYC every other week. Like a good Mexican, I always bring the lemons and limes. Sometimes I cook. Sometimes three of us do. But mostly it’s about enjoying everyone being together.”

David, founder of Novel (Studios) with Eunice, Co-founder of Material

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