A Sharp Knife + Sturdy Cutting Board

Maybe they forget to get you a present. Maybe your situationship didn’t work out and Valentine’s has turned into Galentine’s again this year. Get your frustration out on the cutting board and move on with the rest of your night.


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The Coated Pan

A pan that can take the heat, no matter how steamy your kitchen gets. This pan can go from browning on the stove top to roasting and warming in the oven with ease. Even better? The long-lasting, non-stick coating means easy cooking and easy clean-up.


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The Open Bowl

You put in the work. You chopped. You sautéed. Don’t drop the ball when it comes to presentation…even if you end up with take-out. After all, we eat with our eyes first. Keep things light with The Open Bowl in Dune or make the colors of your dish pop against the inky richness of Grotto. Valentine’s is not the night to eat out of plastic take-out containers.


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The Table Knives

Cut through the tension – whatever kind is at your table. These knives glide through any dish, so you can focus on the conversation, not cutting your steak.


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