It’s a mantra we’re taking to heart this year, and we hope you’ll appreciate why.

We recently launched two small but mighty accessories that make caring for your knives and wood products extra simple. Because let’s make good things last. And also because let’s make it easy on ourselves.

The Sharpener is designed to be unintimidating. Sharp knives are a must for great performance (and safety!), but what good is a pro-series whetstone if it’s complicated and never leaves the drawer? We won’t answer that, but we will say that ours is perfectly foolproof and keeps your knives perfectly sharp.


Same deal for The Wood Oil. It’s not a magic elixir made with unicorn tears or ionized crystal fragments from a cave in Peru. It’s made from plants like coconuts because 1. they help your wood products age beautifully and 2. because we don’t want you to be afraid to use it.

Care for your stuff. Do it regularly. You’ll get more for your money. We’ll take less from the environment. And hey maybe you’ll even feel proud of yourself for putting in the (extremely minimal) effort.

But whatever you do, don’t overcomplicate it.