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The Cloud Pitcher

  • Malachite
  • Lilac + Haze
  • Haze
  • Clear + White
  • Malachite
A statement-making vessel for ultra-stylish drink-making. This straight-walled pitcher featuring a wavy handle is perfectly proportioned for smooth stirring, water pouring and cocktail crafting. The Cloud Pitcher is a part of our barware collaboration with Death & Co. Shop the complete Stirred Set here.

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+$25 Selected


  • Material

    Ultra-light (and ultra-strong) borosilicate glass

  • Dimensions

    45 oz, 8.25" tall, 3.75" diameter

  • Care


Master the pour

A colorful, straight-walled pitcher for easy stirring and pouring, whether you're whipping up a Negroni for one, pre-batching mocktails for a crowd or just pouring some water.

These borosilicate glass pitchers are exceedingly light while being seriously sturdy, so you can stir with confidence.

Choose between four jewel-like colorways and pour your drinks in style with the pitcher's chic wavy handle, designed to conform to the natural shape of your hand.

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