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At Material, we believe life (and bellies) should be full of things that matter, so we make space for good taste.

The questions came up over dinner one night in New York City:

Eunice’s already overstuffed kitchen was now home to a zoo of baby bottles and kiddie contraptions. Dave’s brother—a trained chef—was living with him at the time, and his fancy assortment of knives was as extensive as it was expensive.

When did kitchens become so complicated?
Why is buying kitchenware such an overwhelming experience?
Where does that leave today’s home cooks and food lovers like us?

We started
Material to peel
away the excess.

Life is messy enough. Our products are skillfully designed, thoughtfully curated, and remind us that our kitchens are less about bells and whistles and more about the simple joy of cooking.

We believe kitchenware should be designed for living.

We believe in curation.

Your counter space is precious and a chunky, dust-collecting knife block doesn’t cut it. We balance sleek, eye-catching aesthetics with functional, “oh this does that too” versatility.

We believe in digestible prices.

Your kitchenware shouldn’t eat into your retirement account. By selling directly to you, we can charge 40-50% less than similar luxury brands.

We believe in quality for life.

Your kitchen deserves better than flimsy plastic. Our seasoned manufacturing partners have been crafting the very best tools using exceptional materials for over a century.