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The modest instruments to which we owe every meal. Everything you need to slice, gather, cut, julienne, and scoop.

Available in 6 Colorways

  • Cool Neutral
  • Blue Grey
  • Almost Black
  • Cool Neutral
The Copper Set

$250 $295

Available in 6 Colorways

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"This kitchen essentials kit is the perfect gift to upgrade any kitchen."
"A generous utility spoon, a sturdy and effective spatula, an angled wooden spoon, and tongs with a cunning one-handed locking system, can all stand in a compact countertop holder."
"The hero piece from ultra-modern Material’s line of cookware. Any of the company’s five-ply, copper-core pieces is pretty covetable."
"As a Non-Cook, I Never Thought I’d Feel This Passionately About a Knife Set"