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Not all kitchenware is Material.

Tasteful tools for modern cooking.

Start with The Fundamentals.

One perfect knife. Refreshing.

If we called them basics, we’d be selling them short.

Curated kitchenware you can savor

Buying kitchenware can be complicated. We curated these must-have necessities so you can spend less time comparison shopping and more time cooking.

Fair prices you can stomach

By selling directly to you, we can offer superior products at a fraction of the going rate of other luxury kitchenware brands and retailers.

Quality materials you can feel

High-end kitchenware starts with premium materials, so we craft our knives using three layers of Japanese steel and our wood items with all natural walnut, maple and beech.

Detailed designs you can display

A little nuance goes a long way. Rather than make 1,000 junk-drawer products, we focus on the subtle details behind the products you’ll reach for every day.