The Fundamentals


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Seven pieces of kitchenware you’ll reach for every day, for every meal. Each item serves a fundamental purpose (or two or three), and is designed down to its finest detail using high-end materials. Farewell junk drawer - it’s been real.

Wood Color


Handle Color

Almost Black

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"Beautiful high-quality pieces that'll make your kitchen look like a fancy restaurant." - Adrianna L., Buzzfeed

Telltale test? Cleanly slices through ripe tomato with ease.
High carbon steel wrapped with stainless steel. Sharp, yet easy to care for.
Balanced at the bolster for that “feels just right in your hand” sensation.

The 8" Knife

We spent well over a year perfecting our go-to chef’s knife. Why? Because it’s the ideal tool for tasks both large and small. Prepare yourself for silky smooth slicing and dicing.


Pointy tip, sharp edge, easy to hold oval handle. The perfect Paring Knife.
Luxe hand feel. Perfectly sized to fit in your hand.
Ideal for detailed work like trimming, coring, peeling, and supreming.

The Almost 4" Knife

The quintessential paring knife for those small kitchen tasks that somehow take up the majority of prep time.


The Ultimate Holder of All Things

Sure, an old mug or empty tomato sauce can has gotten you this far. But, we can do better.

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Neatly and safely store your knives without dulling your blade’s tips.
American sourced woods with one-of-a-kind grain work.
A clean, modern holder that maximizes counter space.

The Base

Yes, it has a magnetic knife holder. Sure, it holds the other utensils. But it’s the angular design, natural wood and minimal footprint that brings The Fundamentals together.


Lock and unlock by squeezing and flipping. Keeps that free
Catch a bit of sauce or baste your steak. Two tools in one.
Keep drippy foods from coming in contact with your countertop.

The Only Tongs

A useful (and underutilized) staple. These weighty, stainless steel tongs are virtually indestructible, and designed with a few tricks up their sleeve.


Deglaze those flavor-packed pan corners with ease. No flavor left behind.
100% natural walnut and beech woods with updated accents.
Scrape up flavors in your dutch oven or on a non-stick surface.

The Wood Spoon

A timeless classic, reimagined with modern nuance. Crafted from American walnut or European beech that gets better looking with age.


No need to reach for a measuring cup. Holds exactly ¼ cup of liquid.
Weighted towards the bottom so it is easier for stirring and sauteeing.
Stir, serve and finish dishes with this beauty.

The Metal Spoon

Easy on the eyes and indispensable in the kitchen—this is the stainless steel spoon you’ll want bring to the table for serving and dressing up your creations.


"This New Kitchen Brand Makes Adulting SO Easy"

— Lonny Magazine

Fish turner? Standard metal spatula? Both...and with a smooth slide.
Longer sized, thinly shaped head for greater cooking versatility.
Excess liquids easily pass through slots. Perfect for shallow pan frying.

The Slotted Spatula

We’ve been guilty of it too. One too many turners that crowd utensil holders or wedge themselves into a drawer. This is the spatula to end all one-off turners.


The 8" Knife


Valued at $125

We spent over a year perfecting this 
high-performance chef's knife. Prepare yourself for silky smooth slicing and dicing.

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