The material itself

The last thing we wanted to do was introduce more virgin plastic to the kitchen. Our reBoard is made with recycled plastic scraps from kitchenware manufacturing (there’s a lot of them!) combined with renewable sugarcane, for a board that’s as sustainable as it is durable. To date, it's saved 60,000+ lbs of plastic (and counting).

"My new favorite kitchen tool is this recycled plastic cutting board"

The maintenance (or lack thereof)

That renewable sugarcane makes The reBoard super-durable, even after months of being sliced and diced upon— no deep scratches for bacteria, odors, or stains here. And of course, you can throw it in the dishwasher when you’re done for quick and easy cleanup.

The texture

Cutting boards should feel stable on your countertop and while you’re slicing slippery ingredients. Our reBoards feature a subtle texture for grip on both sides, so you can feel confident in placing it down and cutting all the grapes you want. Have an extra slippery countertop? Place a damp towel underneath your board and you'll be good to go.

"PEOPLE's Products Worth the Hype"

The look and feel

Appearances aren’t everything, but we do happen to offer The reBoard in five eye-catching colors. (A suggestion: Get one color that’s dedicated to cutting meats, and another for vegetables.) They’re all lightweight and easy to handle, and come outfitted with a hole in the corner for easy storage. 

The versatility

Have we mentioned The reBoards come in different sizes, too? Whether you’re carving a roast chicken for four or just slicing some cheese for a snack, we have the right reBoard for that. 

"Something really magical happens when a product delivers fashion, function, and sustainability. One such unicorn product is the Material reBoard, the best plastic cutting board we've tested."