It's All in the Bowl

Mix it up with a bowl that brings a little bit of joy into your kitchen. These limited-edition bowls are inspired by the best parts of summer: days at the beach, lazy picnics in the park and glorious sunsets. 


A Set Table

Gathering around the table as a family is what it's all about. These ceramics are durable enough for every day (hello, dishwasher-safe) but delicate enough for special occasions. Plus, we love that they're made by a female ceramicist. 

Jeannette's picks:


A Well-Stocked Stovetop

If you can't stand the heat, maybe you need new cookware? Gone are the days of dented, flimsy pots that don't stand the test of time. Jeannette's copper core picks will last, which means delicious (perfectly cooked, easy to clean) meals for years to come. 

Jeannette's picks:


The Right Tools

Tools take you from prep to tabletop with ease. Chopping's a breeze, snipping a delight and slicing's easy. 

Jeannette's picks:


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