The Material

Other companies’ crocks were often expensive or made from coiled wire or unattractive plastic; we wanted a spacious, functional utensil holder that we could proudly display on the counter. Our maple and walnut bases act as a 9-inch-tall centerpieces, and serve another important function: a built-in knife rack.

The worst thing you can do to your knife is store it in a drawer, where it brushes up against other tools that can dent and warp its edge. It’s also an accident waiting to happen. A safer choice is a magnetic knife rack that holds your knife on its flat side in the air. But if you only have a couple knives (and you really only need three), a whole knife rack made to fit a dozen blades is excessive.

The Design

We designed The Base with a built-in rack using magnets hidden inside the wood. The vertically aligned magnets leave room for three knives: our eight-inch chef’s knife, six-inch serrated knife, and almost-four-inch paring knife. Our base has two other little features we’re proud of: The bottom sits on four small, hidden rubberized feet, which keep everything stable as you’re moving around in the kitchen. And if you spill some water or oil underneath, there’s a bit of elevation to keep your base safe and dry. The inside of the utensil rack is subtly slanted away from the knife rack, to keep access clear and fan the rest of the tools out for easy reach. It’s a lot more design than the mug, but we think it’s worth it to keep your nice cookware high, dry, and out of harm’s way.