Choose your board

Even snack boards need strong foundations. We like to start with a rich wood-grain serving board—the perfect blank canvas for building and styling your platter.

Our pick: The Angled Board

Gather your spreads and sides

Create some structure on the board with small dishes and vessels filled with your favorite dips, salted nuts and briney sides. We're partial to whole-grain mustard, Marcona almonds and Castelvetrano olives (you can't go wrong with the classics).

Our pick: The Bap Bowl

Select your cheeses and meats

Now it's time to slice and portion your cheeses and meats. Make sure you have a variety of flavors (mild, sharp, sweet, spicy) and textures (creamy, hard, crumbly) to create a balanced spread.

Our picks: The Almost 4" Knife and The (mini) reBoard®

Style your board

Here's the fun part! Place your cheeses first with the charcuterie around them, followed by the bowls and any bread or crackers for extra crunch. Consider different colors, heights and textures when arranging your board to create visual interest—and to encourage some unique pairings. Don't be afraid to get creative and let your inner food stylist shine.

Add the finishing touches

Fill in any spaces with some fresh fruit or extra nuts and top it all off with herb sprigs for garnish. Don't forget the cheese knives and beautiful tableware for enjoying your delicious creation (and work of art).

Serve with: The Half Plate and The Table Knives