We designed the Good Shears to be easy on your hands (thanks to their silicone grip) and tenacious against all manner of ingredient (thanks to a micro-serrated blade). They’re also easy to dissemble, which means they’re a breeze to wash even after they’ve gone to battle with a whole raw chicken. We think every kitchen should have a pair. And we’ve collected some of our favorite ways to use them in the kitchen and beyond:

Spatchcocking a chicken

Here’s a task that’s doable with a knife but far easier with a good pair of shears, which cut nimbly through skin, meat, and sinew to remove the back of your chicken in no time.

Snipping your herbs

Picking and chopping herbs can be one of the most tedious kitchen tasks—and certain delicate herbs, like basil, can even get bruised and bitter after too much pounding with a knife. Shears make the job of chopping and slicing them super easy.

Slicing open boxes

You should never open a box with a kitchen knife, as the task can dull your precious blade. Grab a pair of shears instead, and give them a good rinse once you’re done so they’re ready for tonight’s salad prep.

Cutting up food for your kids

Turning your dinner into bite-sized kid food can be a hassle, but shears make it easy, whether you’re cutting up a slice of pizza or a morning bagel.

Chopping tomatoes in the can

We’ve all been there: in the process of hand-crushing your can of whole peeled tomatoes, you also ruin your favorite shirt. Let your shears do the dirty work here, and you’ll soon be priding yourself on your no-mess tomato sauce recipe.

Pruning in the garden

Thanks to their comfortable grip and sturdy stainless steel, our shears are perfect for garden work: they allow you to snip off small branches, flowers, and leaves with ease. And while you’re out there, you can even use them to pick herbs for tonight’s dinner.