That’s where our Forever Peeler steps in. Razor-sharp and oh-so-chic, it comes outfitted with a replaceable blade and virtually indestructible design, so you’ll never need to part with it.  A dull or rusty peeler, on the other hand, can make the most basic of kitchen tasks slow, uncomfortable, and downright dangerous. Here are 5 signs you need to toss your existing equipment and try something new (ahem). 

Your peeler is dull

If you’re struggling to get the skin off your potatoes (or the blade is catching on any other food), it’s time to go. Unlike other peelers, The Forever Peeler comes with a replacement blade, so you can easily pop in a replacement when things start to fall flat. 

Your peeler is hard to clean (or worse, rusted)

Ever tried to cram your sponge in the corner of a traditional peeler, where all the little food scraps get stuck? Talk about dirty work. The open U-shape design of our Forever Peeler makes it a cinch to thoroughly clean and dry—no crusty leftover bits here. 

Your peeler feels flimsy

Too many peelers are made from low-quality materials—think inexpensive plastic parts and metal blades that quickly deteriorate. Ours is built from virtually indestructible stainless steel, which will never snap or break on you. Promise. 

Your peeler doesn’t fit right

Clutching a cheap plastic handle while attacking a carrot is a recipe for disaster. Our U-shaped peeler is ergonomically designed to nestle naturally in your hand, and the stainless steel construction lends a pleasant weight as you peel. Think gliding effortlessly, not hacking wildly.  

Your peeler isn’t pretty

Looks aren’t everything, but if your peeler is clunky and chunky, chances are it will end up kicking around the back of your drawer until the end of time. The Forever Peeler not only feels good, it looks good, too, in jewelry-inspired colors that earn their place on display.