1. Consider playing with textures

One of our favorite ways to add texture to a table setting is through thoughtful dinnerware selection. Try mixing and matching glossy and matte-finished pieces with some textured or unglazed ceramics for variety and visual interest.

Our pick: The Place Setting

2. Candles are your friend

Think of them as ambiance-creators (that also smell great — aside from the food, of course). Scatter a few tealights for subtle accent lighting or opt for tapered candlesticks to add some elegance and height to the table.

3. Make room for flowers

A floral arrangement can serve as the perfect fresh and fragrant centerpiece while individual flowers and greenery tucked into your napkins make for an eye-catching accent to your place setting—eucalyptus, berry branches, and ranunculas are our go-tos.

Our pick: The Linen Napkins

4. Sprinkle in pops of color

Whether it's through your cutlery, glassware, dinnerware or all of the above, color sets the tone for the table. We like starting with a few neutral pieces (like our Linen Tablecloth in Sable or Cloud) and drawing inspiration from the season when choosing palettes and pops of color. 

Our picks: The Table Knives and The Full Glass