Non-stick pan

This is your go-to daily pan for cooking eggs, flipping pancakes, and searing fish with ease (and easy clean-up afterwards). You'll want to look for one with a durable non-stick coating that heats up evenly and quickly. Bonus points if it's dishwasher-safe and oven-proof. 

Our pick: The Coated Pan


Perhaps one of the most versatile pieces of cookware you could own, saucepans are great for cooking almost anything that's mostly liquid. Think boiling pasta, simmering soup, reheating and reducing sauces, etc.

Our pick: The Sauce Pot

Chef's knife

If you only have one knife in the kitchen, let it be this one. A good chef's knife can handle just about all of your slicing and dicing needs while cooking. Look for a full-tang design, balanced weight, comfortable handle and quality materials. 

Our pick: The 8" Knife

Paring knife

If you only have two knives in your toolkit, we'd recommend adding a small paring knife to your set to make tasks like peeling fruit, deveining shrimp or scoring meats and veggies a breeze.

Our pick: The Almost 4" Knife

Cutting boards

These are your kitchen workhorses for daily dinner prep. Pro tip: we recommend using separate dedicated cutting boards for meat and produce. 

Our pick: The reBoard®