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We get it. Sometimes shopping online isn’t quite like holding something IRL. We can help.

Select any one of our bestselling items and cook with it for free for 30 days. If you don’t love your new goods, simply send them back. Free of charge. No fine print, no fees, no hidden costs.

“Makes cooking easier and even more enjoyable. I love that it’s top of the line products that don’t break the bank. The value to cost ratio is phenomenal!” - Dana E.

“This pan is so non stick-y that I've had to modify how I flip pancakes.” - Paul B.

“Beautifully designed, highly functional, and saves a whole lot of space in my kitchen. Perfect for a NYC apartment.” - Joon P.

“Material’s cookware has made cooking much more enjoyable again, and they spark joy every time I use them!” - Roman R.

“I truly believe these knives and utensils will last for the rest of my life. I try very hard to reduce my carbon footprint but buying things that will not end up in a landfill. These won’t!” - Megan S.

“Beautiful, functional, and high quality. You can get rid of almost all other kitchen gadgets and knives. This set helps you simplify your life AND cook better!” - Ciara Y.

“With such thought to design and materials, the products are simply amazing. Functional, simple and absolutely perfect.” - Irene F.

“We fell in love with the clean, modern design but really the test was the quality - which is SUPERB. We look forward to cooking *just* a little bit more and look forward to using these items for years to come!” - Cesar G.

“Incredible, better than promised, my new go to for everything. I cannot say enough about how brilliant this pan is. From the combination of the copper core for high heat with even distribution, the magically non-sticky surface and the ability to be oven safe it's extremely versatile.” - David S.

“The tools have elevated not only my kitchen decor but my enjoyment for cooking. Never knew slicing something could feel so effortless and satisfactory! Highly recommended.” - Calvin C.

“First attracted to the appearance and sustainability of the brand, we have now been locked in by the incredible quality, durability, and once again, because it deserves to be here twice, the QUALITY. Truly, for the price of the entire set, the quality is mind blowing.” - Anisa F.”

“Finally excited to be in the kitchen! I love everything in the Iconics set and can't wait to purge my kitchen of all the unnecessary utensils I have. The quality of the knives finally make me feel like I'm a decent home chef!” - Kristen S.

“I didn’t realize how much more enjoyable and quick cooking meals at home could be with actual sharp knives. They are well balanced. I love the sleek minimalism of this set of knives and how the stand creates a special display for them on my kitchen counter.” - Damien D.

“Yes, each of the pieces look phenomenal, but they're also substantive and of high quality. Love that the set is truly what's needed in a kitchen, with functional pieces that help corral the clutter on the countertop.” - Patrick M.

“We are trying to be more mindful and minimal, and we knew that post-college kitchen utensils were not cutting it anymore! This set is beautiful, the base makes the kitchen look amazing, and the knives themselves are a dream. They are the star of the show for sure.” - Isabella W.

How it works

Try at home

Your 30 day trial begins the day your Material arrives. We’ll place a hold on your card, but you won’t be charged.

Keep what you love

Chop, mince, stir and flip. Make yourself a dish you love. You’ve got 30 days of however-many-meals-you-want before you need to commit (or not).

Return it free

Looking for something a little different? No worries, we got you. Send it back to us (we’ll provide a prepaid label!) and you won’t be charged.

Your new forever kitchenware

Thoughtfully designed things for your kitchen

We transform everyday objects into items that bring you joy. No more hand-me-down melted plastic tools or junk drawers full of I-used-them-once items (avocado slicer, anyone?). We’re obsessed with good design, high-performing products, and making “keep for life” kitchenware.


What makes it Material?

Ingredients matter: Our modern, minimal designs are crafted from Japanese stainless steel and natural maple and walnut to make sure they look and cook beautifully for a lifetime—guaranteed. Curation is key: No more junk drawer. No more wondering what you need. Just the right pieces, enriched with clever details that feel like home in your hands and make space in your kitchen. More for less: All the flavor, without the extra fat. Our direct-to-consumer model allows us to offer you chef-ready products for up to 50% less than other premium brands.

Who is eligible for the free 30 day trial?

This trial is open to customers in the US.

What items are eligible for the free trial?

A few of our bestsellers: The 29 Collection, The Iconics, The Knives, The Base, and The Stand.

See everything available here.

Do Material products have a warranty?

All of our products are designed to last a lifetime. If one of your items is damaged, email us so we can fix or replace it.