The Good Shears in Golden

No kitchen is complete without a sturdy pair of kitchen shears. I use these for spatchcocking chicken, trimming carrot tops, and snipping herbs from the garden.

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The Open Bowl in Dune

As someone who takes photos of their food nearly every day, I'm always on the hunt for great dishware. The Open Bowl is the perfect size for pasta, rice bowls, and anything saucy --and I love that it's also dishwasher safe!

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The reBoard in Sand

Not only is this the most sustainable cutting board out there, but it's the perfect size for prep work, and I love that it's dishwasher safe.

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The Angled Board in Walnut

Have you ever tried carving a chicken on a cutting board without grooves? I'll spare you the experience and tell you it's a mess. The Angled Board solves this with deep grooves that catch rogue drippings, and it's pretty enough to bring to the table to serve. 

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The Coated Pan in Dune

The only non-stick pan you need.

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The Knives in Almost Black

A set of good knives is the backbone for any good kitchen set up. I love this trio for its versatility, ideal weight, and sharpness. 

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