When cooking brings change

This holiday feels different. After the year we’ve all endured, we could all use a little goodness. A bit of hope. A story (or two) of kindness...and some ways to help.

Kinder Kitchens - the sale that gives back.

Between November 23 and December 1, all of our goods will be available at a (rare!) discount, but that’s not all. You’ll also have the opportunity to contribute a portion of your discount as a donation to one of two organizations we’re proud to support: Heart of Dinner and Drive Change. Learn more about Kinder Kitchens here.

Heart of Dinner delivers nourishing, culturally-appropriate to low-income Asian-American homebound elderly. Its co-founders, Yin Chang and Moonlynn Tsai, launched the initiative to counter the xenophobia and isolation that immigrant elderly have been experiencing since the beginning of the pandemic.

Learn more about Heart of Dinner

Drive Change runs a paid fellowship program to equip young people who were formerly incarcerated with the skills to succeed in the food service industry and become leaders in their communities. Through its partner program, Hospitality for Social Justice, it challenges the hospitality industry to create workplaces that are fair, supportive, and equitable.

Learn more about Drive Change

So, how does the discount + donation work? Let’s take a look with The Angled Board:

From the $11 you save, choose how much you’d like to give.

The Angled Board benefits Heart of Dinner and just $7 will feed a senior in need for a day.