You may not know this, but the introduction to your best-selling cookbook, Dining In, acted as a sort of manifesto during our earliest days as a company. Your thoughtful and unfussy approach to sharing home-cooked meals with loved ones captured the same spirit that inspired us to start Material, and ultimately helped get us to where we are today.

Today...which is the day we’re announcing you as our very first (and very favorite) brand advisor. Life’s amazing sometimes, isn’t it?

Just so we’re clear—it’s not just because of your book, or your column in The New York Times, or the countless pieces in Bon Appétit, or all the insanely shareable and inventive recipes. It’s the way your unpretentious know-how, your clever insight, and your keen sense of style are giving rise to a new generation of home cooks. We’re eager to channel all of the above into a (spoiler alert) very exciting next chapter.

We also liked when you said our approach was “no b*llshit” in Forbes. That was cool.

With love,