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The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals


These are the seven pieces of kitchenware that matter—the quintessential, can’t-cook-without-them tools you’ll reach for every day, for every meal. Each item is designed down to its finest detail using high-end materials, and we complemented their functionality with a modern aesthetic you’ll be proud to display.
You’ll receive: The 8” Knife, The Almost 4” Knife, The Metal Spoon, The Wood Spoon, The Slotted Spatula, The Only Tongs, The Base


* Pre-orders ship starting on Feb. 22.

The 8" Knife

In perfect balance. Our chef’s knife uses three layers of ice-tempered Japanese stainless steel to create razor-sharp performance and no-fuss resilience.

The Almost 4" Knife

3.5 inches, precisely. Our hand-finished paring knife is perfect for fine slicing and dicing, thanks to three layers of Japanese steel and a stain-resistant, comfortable matte handle.

The Slotted Spatula

Bend, don’t break. Our stainless steel slotted spatula is flexible enough to slide under a flaky filet of fish, and strong enough to turn a hefty pork chop.

The Metal Spoon

From stove to table. Easy on the eyes and indispensable in the kitchen—this is the stainless-steel spoon you’ll want bring to the table for serving and dressing up your dishes.

Metal or Wood?

Use metal for breaking up ground meat or stirring soup.

Use wood for delicate non-stick pans or flavor-bomb deglazing.

The Wood Spoon

Pan’s best friend. A timeless classic, reimagined in all natural walnut or beech. Use its sloped head to scrape up flavorful browned bits on any pan’s surface.

The Only Tongs

One-handed wonder. A useful (and oft underutilized) staple. Our weighty, stainless steel tongs magically lock and unlock with a squeeze and a flip to keep that free

The Base

The holder of all things Fundamental. A clean, modern design your countertop will display proudly, plus a magnetic inner wall that keeps knives tightly organized and easy to grab.

What are the materials in Material?

Knife blades - Three layers of Japanese stainless steel // Handles - Stain-resistant synthetic with matte finish // Wood Spoon - Walnut or Beech // Base - Walnut or Maple // Metal utensils - Dishwasher-safe stainless steel

Give the gift of good taste.

Pre-order The Fundamentals or The 8'' Knife and we'll send out a giftable trio of our favorite spices (on the house) today. Perfect for housewarming or wedding gifts.

** Pre-orders ship starting on Feb. 22.