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The Ultimate Upgrade for At-Home Chefs

Discover a trio of knives that seamlessly blend function with aesthetics, handcrafted for the passionate home chef. With premium Japanese steel, a minimalist approach, and endorsements like Oprah's Favorite Things 2021, your kitchen is about to get the upgrade it deserves.

Loved by Your Favorite Food Editors

Japanese Precision Meets Home Cooking.

Knives that don't just cut; they tell a story of precision, craftsmanship, and an unwavering appreciation for the culinary arts. Experience the marriage of form and function, from its poised balance to its unmatched sharpness.

Full Tang Advantage

Dive deep into precision with a knife that boasts metal from tip to tail. No more breakage, just seamless, confident slicing.

Modern Eco-Elegance

Eco-chic and sleek. With an FSC-certified wood stand, these knives strike the perfect balance for the environmentally savvy home chef.

Weighted Wonders

Engineered for perfect balance, our knives ensure a comfortable grip and effortless chopping. Crafted with three layers of premium Japanese steel, they promise durability and a smooth, sharp edge.

The Ultimate Cut

Honed to a precise 13-degree double bevel, precision is guaranteed. Chefs can trust in this tool, making each dish both flavorful and visually striking.

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Craftsmanship Meets Kitchen Artistry

Elevate your culinary game with a bundle designed for the modern at-home chef. Our carefully curated sets integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, blending precision with style while enhancing both your meal prep and your kitchen's aesthetics.

Sustainably Stunning

Made from FSC-certified wood, The Stand embodies luxury while supporting responsible forest management. Add beauty to your kitchen, while endorsing a healthier planet.

Magnetic Mastery

With dual-sided magnetic brilliance, The Stand can hold for up to 8 knives, promising both safety and accessibility. It's more than just a stand—it's a magnetic masterpiece for your culinary tools.

Style Meets Savings!

Our curated sets don’t just offer exceptional quality—but unparalleled value, ensuring you elevate your kitchen without straining your wallet.

Choose Your Culinary Champion

Dive into precision with every set, tailored just for your kitchen ambitions.

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  • bestseller: 15% savings

    The Trio of Knives



    Meet your kitchen's ultimate dream team: they're sharp, sleek, and the epitome of chic sophistication.


    The 8” Knife

    The Serrated 6” Knife

    The Almost 4” Knife

  • best value: 20% savings

    The Knives + Stand



    The complete package: brilliantly sharp blades paired with a gorgeous attention-demanding stand.


    The 8” Knife

    The Serrated 6” Knife

    The Almost 4” Knife

    The Stand

  • The 8" Knife


    Introducing the kitchen MVP: making those 8-inch culinary tasks feel like an absolute breeze.

  • The Serrated 6" Knife


    Serrated finesse meets culinary artistry: ultra-sharp and ready, turning meals into feasts.

  • The Almost 4" Knife


    Though small in stature, this knife packs a punch in precision. Say hello to your new little wonder!

Slicing Through the Hype: Real Reviews

Straight from the kitchens of our beloved home chefs - here's what they're saying about their favorite cutlery companion.

  • “I worked in professional kitchens in my youth for over a decade and have been cooking ever since. I have several knives and I think these will be among my favorite day to day tools. The chef knife is well balanced and a bit thinner than a big chunky pro use knife, making it more accessible and comfortable in the hand. Perfect balance. I love the bread knife and the paring knife is just right for all the smaller tasks. Overall fit and finish of the set is great. All knives were razor sharp out of the box as well. I would highly recommend this set for any home cook.”

    Steve B.

    Trio of Knives

  • “I purchased the knife trio with the ash wood stand. After looking at many knife sets with multiple pieces, I ordered this set and couldn’t be more pleased. The three knives do it all and well! Smartly designed, beautifully constructed, minimal counter space needed, no need to look further!”

    Lorna Y.

    Trio of Knives

  • “I was blown away by how much my expectations were exceeded. It takes a lot to impress me with a product. The knives were more beautiful than the pictures give them credit for. The craftsmanship exceeded my expectations. The knives were balanced and felt like they were made for just my hands. I absolutely love the knives, they are razor sharp and have given me newfound confidence in making great home cooked meals. They will always be in my kitchen.”

    David D.

    Trio of Knives

  • “So far, so good. Of course all new knives come sharp. And these are no exception. But they seem sharper than cheap new knives somehow. They have cut through everything I've thrown at them (food wise that is). The weight is good and evenly distributed from tip to handle . And I love the green color. I hand wash mine to keep them sharper longer.”

    Anna W.

    Trio of Knives

  • “I’ve had my knives for about a month now and have had several opportunities to use each one. I am very happy with my purchase! We have had other well known name brand knives in the past and I can say these knives are better!! They are so comfortable in your hand. They are weighted just perfectly and cut with absolute ease. And hey, they are pretty too. That’s just a bonus.”

    LaRee M.

    Trio of Knives

  • “I’ve never owned good knives. I finally took the adult step and bought a nice set of knives. I don’t do huge amounts of cooking, so I didn’t need a huge block. This set tackles everything I need, is easy to maintain and manage, and I’ve received so many compliments on them! They are very sharp, and sharpen well. The handles are ergonomic and the knives feel weighty and balanced, but are easy to handle.”

    Viva W.

    Trio of Knives

  • “The quality of these knives is phenomenal considering the price. Once sharpened to my satisfaction, they have held their edge. There are hefty and beautiful knives. The serrated knife came quite sharp with pronounced serrated edges, making it more effective than many of its competitors. The ivory-colored handles are attractive and easy to hold.”

    Ray L.

    Trio of Knives


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