Our holiday gift guide

Whether you’re stocking up for your loved ones or practicing a little self-love, we’ve got a gift for sprawling kitchens, shoebox kitchens, and everything in between.

For that someone with the 400 sq. ft. apartment.

No counter space? No problem. Keep a small footprint with The Stand, The Pair of Knives, and The reBoard.

For that someone who’s obsessed with mise en place.

Ah, ingredients in their rightful place. Stay organized with The reBoard Trio and The One Knife.

For that someone whose job title includes “designer.”

Aesthetes unite! Keep their kitchen sharp with The Trio of Knives, The Good Shears, and The reBoard.

For that someone who could use to start from scratch.

Ready for a kitchenware do-over? Bundle up with 29, Your Way and The Iconics.

For that someone who loves the big hits.

Stereotypes exist for a reason. Stock up on The Iconics and The reBoard—our best sellers.

For that someone who’s new to the kitchen.

Have no fear, newbies. The Coated Pan and The Iconics are the perfect place to start.

Time to clear out the “spatulas and stuff” drawer in your kitchen and swap in an actual, intentional collection.

These stoveside essentials serve a fundamental purpose (or two or three) and are designed down to its finest detail from the high-quality materials.

As a non-cook (can I even call myself that anymore?), I never thought I’d feel this passionately about a kitchen set.