Material In The Press

My favorite piece was the eight-inch kitchen knife, which found a delicate balance between function and design. It rivaled my favorite Global in terms of performance - at less than half the price.

Extremely sharp, durable knives. I've had mine for nearly a year, and have never needed to sharpen them yet.

Three beautiful and efficient knives created to handle every type of slicing, dicing, or carving predicament possibly imaginable.

Japanese steel

Three layers of high-carbon and stainless steel for unmatched strength and easy-to-care-for resilience.

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Right balance

A full-tang design, evenly balanced at the bolster for a feels-just-right-in-your-hand sensation.

Razor edge

The incredibly sharp 26 degree edge is cryogenically tempered to ensure it holds up over time.

Perfect sizes

Three knives. Three ideal sizes for every chop, dice, slice, crush and mince.