The reBowl


The reBowl

Your new mixing, serving, storing, everything bowl. Buy as a set of 3 and nest for easy storage. Plus, it’s made from the same sustainable materials as our award-winning reBoards.


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The Sauté Pan

Minimize mess, maximize flavor. The tall walls on our 10.5” sauté pan safely contain your stews and sauces. Plus, it’s got our signature copper core for rapid, even heating and the perfect sear, every time and for years to come.


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The Tools (The Air Whisk, Metal Spoon, Only Tongs, Slotted Spatula, Slotted Spoon, Wood Spoon)

Heirloom-quality tools, each designed with a trick (or two) up their sleeve.


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The Ceramics (The Full Plate, Half Plate, Open Bowl, Round Bowl, or Serving Bowl)

Our ceramics are crafted from natural Korean soils and hand-finished, and as such, each piece is one-of-a-kind and imperfect, and their colors, deep and unique. 


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