Why You Only Need Three Knives

Goodbye, clunky knife block. Most home cooks only really need three knives - here's why.

The 8" Knife

We believe that your kitchen workhorses should still be beautiful enough that you want to show them off. So we made a chef’s knife that is sturdy, comfortable to hold, super sharp, and handsome. We use it for anything from slicing into butternut squash to breaking down a whole chicken—it’s an integral part of every dinner.

This knife has the strength of a German-style knife with the elegance of a Japanese-style knife. The blade is made of three layers of Japanese steel. The high carbon-steel inner layer helps it stay sharp over time, while the two outer layers of stainless steel make the blade easier to care for because they won’t rust or oxidize easily.

Often, cheaper knives are just a piece of metal inserted into a plastic handle. Our blade extends into the handle for what’s called a full tang, which makes for a blade that won’t break. The handle is made from a matte composite material that’s stain resistant and easy to wash; we avoided wood so that if you really wanted to, you could stick this knife in the dishwasher (though we recommend a hand-wash). 

If you want to nerd out on knives (we get it!), you can read more about the design of our 8” Knife here.

The Serrated 6" Knife

It’s not just for bread. We wanted to make a smaller serrated knife that could slice up a loaf of sourdough but still be small enough to comfortably slice summer’s juiciest tomatoes and peaches without bruising them. 

The Almost 4" Knife

Rounding out our knife collection is this paring knife, for things that require more control or finesse: cutting up an apple, or slicing an avocado. The blade is the same layered carbon and stainless steel as its 8” brother, which means this knife will last through years and years of salads and snacks.

The Good Shears

We like to think of kitchen shears as the lazy man’s knife. This pair, made from German stainless steel, is a speedy way to slice herbs, or cut up your toddler’s lunch. And they separate, meaning for easy cleaning (read: no lingering chicken juice). The edges are micro-serrated, which makes them even more powerful, and the silicone on the inner rims of the handles means you won’t bruise yourself while deboning a chicken.

The Care Items

We make our products to last, which means we’re always thinking about maintenance. The Sharpener was specifically designed for the 13-degree angle of our 8” and almost 4” knives. It's a simple, handheld, and designed to make keeping your knives razor sharp a breeze.

How do you know when it's time to sharpen your knives? Our house rule is, if you’re not cutting through a tomato easily, it’s time for a tune-up.

Smart storage is also key to a long knife life, which is why we designed The Stand to both preserve and show off our knives. The hidden magnet means that you won’t dull your blades by sliding your knives into the slits in those clunky traditional knife blocks. It’s also much easier to clean.

The Trio of Knives


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